This page was set up in 2017 and is still strangely relevant.  Our main effort now is on, but the old Google sites you can find under here are going to be kept up to date and find new uses.  Gareth, November 2020.  
Regions of UK for pro-Europe work

Europe is too important a question to be left entirely to our politicians, the way we usually do after voting. UKPEN is the network that helps all pro-Europeans do something about that.

You may already be a committed activist or supporter.  Great.  But we need to be more.  We need to be the intermediaries who spread into every constituency in the land and dig out all the potential support for our cause and make sure that the politicians are aware of it.

That's what UKPEN is for.  It belongs to you.  Much valuable work is already being done.  Now let's join it together and fill in the gaps.


The sites page has links to the (12) regional and country sites and information about what they contain.  When completed, each site will show all the groups in that region or country and how they relate to individual Westminster constituencies, as well as who the MPs are and how they have performed on the Europe question.  It is you, the individuals and groups in each part of the country, who will own and manage those sites, as you take charge and operate your regional or area network and as you build up the knowledge of your individual constituency. When it comes to responding to a call to action you will be able to base yourself on the materials there, materials which you will put together yourself, whether they be constituency and ward street lists and maps, MP contact details and Parliamentary record, or tools for campaigning. Take a look. Sites page