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Index to groups.

UKPEN.eu acknowledges much work from many quarters to result in the list being compiled here.  This is a list of constituencies in the UK, with the groups that cover them.  It will never be completely up to date so we rely on you to let us know of any changes or new formations.  Please tell us at ukproeurnet at gmail.com.  Please note that ion the re-launched UKPEN we are contacting groups to obtain accurate data form the horse's mouth.  This will form the basis of our network.

Last updated 2018-08-22, drawing on published sources and collations by Represent Us, Friends for Europe, Britain for Europe. 

Here is a link to an alternative presentation devised by Stop Brexit Ltd data subsequently being updated by UKPEN (This is the most up-to-date index)

Paul Taylor has produced a gadget to allow you to enter your postcode and find your nearest groups - it is not perfect, as nobody has yet gathered complete and reliable group data, but as a proof of concept it is surely what we need: (istopbrexit.info).

Enter your postcode below to try it out

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